It’s Fun to be a Marketer Again! – Introducing the Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book


Posted: April 30, 2013 | Modern Marketing

One of the biggest misconceptions in B2B marketing is that you have to be serious and not have any fun. I couldn’t disagree more. Social media and content marketing give marketers more freedom than ever before to showcase their personalities, put a human face on their brand, and spread their marketing messages much more effectively through storytelling. There’s no mistaking, it’s a good time to be a marketer again!

Introducing the Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book! Straight from the marketing minds at Marketo, we bring you 30 pages of pure, unadulterated marketing activity fun.

From a content marketing perspective this book may look like a giant piece of “chocolate cake”, as in only here to entertain. But you can’t judge a book by its cover and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that this activity book consists of all the necessary attributes of a successful and valuable piece of content: useful, engaging, entertaining and most importantly, educational. So sit back, have fun, and expand your knowledge in B2B marketing.

Download The Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book and have fun with our:

  • Email Marketing Word Find
  • Dress up a Marketer
  • Revenue Cycle Maze
  • Thought Leader Book Match Up
  • The Dawn of Marketing Automation Comic
  • The Content Marketing Crossword
  • And so much more!

Want a hard copy so you can write out your answers and have coloring contests with your team? Get 5 friends to download the activity book and we’ll send you your very own copy and a box of crayons!

Watch the new video here!

We hope you enjoy this book as much we did putting it together. Here’s to my fellow marketers, let’s have some fun.

Jason Miller is Senior Manager of Content Marketing at LinkedIn. Previously, Jason was Senior Manager of Social Media at Marketo and focused on optimizing social for lead generation and driving revenue. He is a regular contributor to leading marketing blogs such as Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, and Marketing Profs.

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It’s Fun to be a Marketer Again! – Introducing the Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book

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