Make Way For The Agency of the Future [Infographic]

The digital revolution has transformed marketing. With the changing buyer, budget pressures, new social channels, and content, marketers have to do more with less. And marketing automation has become the new must-have technology to help marketers increase their reach. Now marketers can nurture leads until they are ready to buy, send only the hottest leads to sales, and deliver results to the executive team.

So what does that mean for the marketing agency?

As an agency, you must look towards the new frontier. As marketing changes, agencies have to adapt too. They must be digitally focused and demonstrate ROI. Plus, agencies have to help their customers have a consistent presence across so many channels. And to do that, an understanding of technology is a must.

The agency of the future will use marketing automation as a competitive differentiator, because technology will continue to have a greater impact on marketers. So embrace this new technology and help your customers evolve to new heights!


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  • BrightBull

    Agencies will need to demonstrate how they are doing it themselves!!

  • Daniel Backhaus

    Excellent infographic and spot-on. Agencies must move beyond the old time-for-money model and embrace technology and offer true innovation, including the ability to leverage data and analytics to drive optimization and prove effectiveness and ROI.

  • Yevgeny Senkevich

    The agency will have to be transparent, dynamic, and understand how to integrate all marketing campaigns together. The agency will push a brand across mobile, online, and offline as a unified campaign. The agency will also have to establish a personal relationships with clients local face to face.

  • David Lamoureux

    Great graphic! Long before I read “The End of Advertising As You Know It” it was easy to see accountability was overtaking flash in the ad biz. Coming from 25 years in direct response, none of this is new. The technology is new and, as you said, having an huge impact on marketers. But marketers have known for many years that the best agencies deliver tangible, trackable results.

  • François Abraham

    I agree tools are paramount, but how about contents? You can have the best package in the world, if there is nothing inside, it’s useless. We should not forget that!

Dayna Rothman is the Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Marketo. She runs the Marketo content initiatives and is the managing editor of the Marketo blog. Dayna has extensive experience in content marketing, social media, marketing automation, and inbound marketing. She has an MBA from Golden Gate University and lives in Oakland, CA.

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Make Way For The Agency of the Future [Infographic]

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