Does Email Marketing Data Deserve The Same Protection As SS #’s? [Infographic]


Posted: October 13, 2011 | Email Marketing, Infographic

You’ve worked hard to develop a quality list of customers and prospects. You’ve dedicated countless hours into creating relevant email messages and fostering brand trust with your audience. But how much time have you committed to ensuring all that email data is secure? Is your customers’ and prospects’ information secure? Is your own data safe?

There’s a whole new generation of security breaches these days, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Check out this infographic to discover why not taking steps to secure your email marketing data should be keeping you up at night.

Marketo is a member of the Online Trust Alliance and cares very much about privacy and security. To see some of the organizations it’s affiliated with please check out our memberships.

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Maria specializes in Inbound Marketing for Marketo, leading efforts in adoption of social media channels for brand awareness and demand generation. She has worked in marketing for over ten years, and specifically in online marketing including social media, search marketing, and lead generation and nurturing for the past six.

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Does Email Marketing Data Deserve The Same Protection As SS #’s? [Infographic]

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