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  • Simon Daniels

    Great topic for discussion, and I agree with the conclusion wholeheartedly. My experience is that, particularly in B2B, forward to friend functions are rarely used anyway. Making an email and associated content sufficiently compelling that the recipient will perform a normal forward and the subsequent recipient will subscribe is the trick!

  • Jep Castelein (LeadSloth)

    Maria, great post, let’s get rid of that forward-to-a-friend link!
    However, I do find it useful to ask people to forward or share the post, rather than assume they will forward it when they like it. I recommend putting this call to action in the PS. Just say something like “feel free to forward this email or tweet about it”. A gentle reminder that works.

  • Web Marketing Company

    Email is a cost effective mechanism which is well used in the optimization of the websites among the search engines.

  • Rich

    You should probably add a feature into Marketo that shows how many times an email was forwarded and opened.

Maria specializes in Inbound Marketing for Marketo, leading efforts in adoption of social media channels for brand awareness and demand generation. She has worked in marketing for over ten years, and specifically in online marketing including social media, search marketing, and lead generation and nurturing for the past six.

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Don’t Forward This To A Friend! – Email Marketing Best Practice

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