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Posted: December 29, 2007 | Modern B2B Marketing

Here are 50 more blogs about business-to-business marketing, bringing the total on the complete Big List of B2B Marketing Blogs to 138 blogs.

B2B marketing still lags far behind other categories of marketing blogs, so please keep letting me know via comments if you find any B2B blogs that I missed.

As always, here is the updated B2B marketing blog OPML file.

New B2B Marketing Blogs

  • A PR Guy’s Musings – Stuart Bruce writes about the science of public relations.
  • A Wider Net – All about fresh, new marketing technologies, from marketing agency Cramer.
  • Achieve Market Leadership – Insights on opportunity analysis; strategy and planning; and operations and execution, by the Crimson Consulting Group.
  • Arketi B2B Marketing Minute – Podcast that covers news, ideas and best practices for business-to-business marketing professionals.
  • B2B Growth Marketing – Bill Gilbert writes about moving high tech companies from a technical focus to a customer-driven brand (inactive).
  • B2B Marketing – Loredana Niculae (based in Romania) shares her experiences on marketing topics for B2B enterprises and more.
  • B2B Marketing Business And Consumer – Understanding the difference between B2B, B2C, and C2C.
  • B2B Marketing Communications 2.0 – Pete Jakob writes that as B2B customers turn to the internet to support all stages of their buying process, B2B marketing needs to change its game – and fast!
  • B2B Marketing – B2B marketing in England and Ireland.
  • B2B Marketing ROI – Making B2B marketing as sexy as B2C, from Adam Blitzer at Pardot.
  • B2B Sales Solutions – Dale Underwood writes about B2B sales topics.
  • Babcock & Jenkins – Marketing thoughts from this direct and relationship marketing agency.
  • Bluebird Blueprint – Marketing best practices from Tricia Reilly at Bluebird Marketing.
  • BriefingsDirect – B2B informational podcasts on information technology subjects moderated by IT analyst Dana Gardner.
  • Business to Business Marketing News – From the Arketi Group, a marketing consultancy that helps business-to-business marketers generate revenue and accelerate growth.
  • Crankshaw on Tech Marketing – Online marketing for B2B technology companies. Best practice and lean process.
  • Create Value Innovation – All about innovating in ways that matter to customers.
  • Direct Connections – Howard Sewell writes about best practices & principles in direct response marketing for high technology companies.
  • HR Marketer – A blog for companies who sell products or services to human resource (HR) executives.
  • Hugo E. Martin – Developments in the area of print & online media, communication & PR, marketing, Internet & people business (English and German).
  • inmedia Public Relations – Best practices in the marketing of technology
  • Internet Marketing Blog for Small Business – The guys at HubSpot share ideas to help businesses leverage modern marketing practices and the Internet for lead generation and increased sales.
  • Knights on the Road – Articles and book reviews about the new world of sales.
  • Know New Marketing – Ken Pulverman of Oracle shares how to use Web 2.0-based marketing techniques to reduce sales cost and cycle time.
  • Launch PR – Schneider Associates explores strategies to launch new products, services, companies, and communities.
  • MarketCapture Blog – An idea-exchange for B-to-B software marketing executives. Topics include marketing strategy, lead generation, and marketing metrics.
  • Marketing Fishbowl – Gary David comments on all things marketing, from the elementary to the profound.
  • Marketing in a Web 2.0 World – One marketer’s quest to define, explore, experiment and determine the value of B2B Social Media Marketing and Marketing 2.0.
  • Marketingland – Dutch B2B marketing and sales weblog, by Henri van den Hoof.
  • Mediapace – From American Business Media, the association of business information companies.
  • MSC Marketing – B2B sales ideas from Mike Carroll at MSC Marketing, a B2B sales and marketing consultancy.
  • NxtERA Marketing Blog – Elana Anderson’s musings, ideas, and — sometimes — random thoughts about data-driven marketing.
  • One Riot – One Ranger – A discussion of interim management (flexible staffing) for B2B marketing functions by Charles Besondy.
  • Online Fluency – Helps business-to-business marketers understand blogs and social networks, from Makovsky + Company.
  • Rebecca Caroe – Rebecca writes about business development, marketing and sales for marketing agencies.
  • ronbrauner.com – Ron shares his marketing advice.
  • Sales Itch – Ed McLean writes about the changing world of Sales, with occasional posts about sales-marketing alignment (inactive).
  • Sales Tools and Sales 2.0 – Fresh ideas and motivation to help sales professionals and managers sell more.
  • Small Business Marketing – From B2Bsearch.org, a business to business directory for small business marketing and corporate branding.
  • Starr Tincup – Starr Tincup is an integrated marketing firm for business-to-business software and services companies.
  • Startup-Marketing – Working with startup CEOs and marketers to explore the keys to startup marketing success, by Sean Ellis.
  • Stu’s Blog: Success Stories to Grow Your Business – Marketing frameworks, best practices, and smart tactics for Demand Generation, Sales Optimization, and Customer Success.
  • SynaxisSpeaks – Applications of philosophy to marketing and branding.
  • The B2B Lead – Real world, practical B2B sales and marketing tips from ReachForce.
  • The Olin Report – Examination of customer acquisition strategy and tactics and the impact on sales and marketing process alignment.
  • Todd Miechiels – Todd is a B2B Internet marketing consultant for small to mid-market B2B companies in competitive industries with long and complex buying cycles.
  • UsefulArts.us – Dave Wieneke writes about the intersection of online strategy and legal thought.
  • Velocity – All about marketing for B2B technology companies.
  • WebMarketCentral Blog –Tom Pick has been a B2B marketer since 1992, with an emphasis on research, writing, leadership and online marketing.

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    Great list! I’d appreciate you adding ours to your list too… http://launchclinic.com/blog.
    I’ll add a post about the list to our blog too.

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    Please add update this list: http://www.media-TREFF.de – a german B2B marketing and media weblog with very interesting videos!

  • http://www.salespractice.com Jeff Blackwell

    B2B marketing is covered under “Lead Generation” in the SalesPractice.com community.

  • http://www.CoreCustomerMetric.com Kelly Kendall

    We have just launched CoreCustomerMetric.com, a new community dialog space to discuss the key measure of how strongly customers embrace your brand, how committed they are to continuing to buy from or to do business with you, and knowing what is best to measure. Come visit and add your comments.

  • http://www.businessmediablog.com Markus Caspari

    New blog from germany for your next update:
    B2B-Blog about B2B Digital Media, E-Business and Online-Marketing – by Markus Caspari

  • http://marketinggimbal.typepad.com/ ed

    HI Jon
    Could I add my blog for consideratiopn.

  • http://blog.readycontacts.com Neil Sequeira

    Hi Jon,
    Thanks for adding these to the list. Its a great resource to keep reading.
    Would love to submit our ReadyContacts blog on B2B Lead Data Management for review too http://blog.readycontacts.com

  • http://www.shopzillastores.com Yahya

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    Thanks for best info and unique………………….. realy useful and informative data.
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  • http://www.huthwaite.com/ Jessi

    Definitely considered under our Consultative Selling strategy, as part of many other post related to B2B Marketing.

  • http://www.mreach.com Market Reach

    Great article, check out our blog!
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50 New B2B Marketing Blogs

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